6th Grade Weekly Call-In Assignments

Your band homework is to practice 20 minutes, 4 days per week. On one of those days, you need to call 314.594.7329, state your name and instrument and play the assignment below.

Call-Ins are due every Sunday and usually require you to use a metronome. I recommend that you purchase the app Tonal Energy ($4) and use it as a tuner and metronome. Any of the free downloadable metronome apps are fine as well. The website www.metronomeonline.com or typing “metronome” into google will also give you a metronome.

No call in this week - Have a great Spring Break!

#1. Due Sunday, March 10: Mini Blue Book page 75, Count and play lines 33, 37, 41, and 45. Count 1 line, wait four beats, play that line. Move to the next line and do the same thing. mm=60 or 70 or 80, you choose.